“Double dipping” your chip: Dangerous or just…icky?

Double dippers are in all places – the 4th of July barbeque, household reunions, Tremendous Bowl events, anyplace chips and dip are a staple. These are the individuals who take a chunk and dip their chips a second time after they assume nobody is trying.

Simply ask George

Depart it to George Costanza on Seinfeld to make double dipping a mainstream public well being scare. The episode, which initially aired in 1993, introduced disgrace to George as he was caught dipping a chip a second time at a wake. The partygoer objecting to this apply exclaims “That’s like placing your complete mouth proper within the dip!”

However is double dipping actually so unhealthy?

Ever since that Seinfeld episode, the “well being menace” of double dipping has been a mainstay of occasion dialog, highschool science initiatives, and even high-level tutorial investigation. Maybe probably the most influential was a 2009 examine carried out at Clemson College and printed within the Journal of Meals Security, entitled “Impact of biting earlier than dipping (double-dipping) chips on the bacterial inhabitants of the dipping answer.” The title alone could also be sufficient to make you lose your urge for food.

The researchers rigorously analyzed bacterial contamination earlier than and after an individual double dips. Right here’s what they discovered:

  • Bacterial counts within the dip elevated considerably after an individual took a chunk from a chip after which dipped once more.
  • The variety of micro organism contaminating the dip different relying on the dip – salsa had extra micro organism after double-dipping in contrast with chocolate or cheese dips (maybe attributable to variations in thickness and acidity of the dips).

Comparable findings have been famous when micro organism counts have been measured after a bitten chip was dipped in water.

So simply how dangerous is double dipping?

It’s essential to notice that this analysis was not designed to seek out individuals who grew to become sick as a result of another person double dipped. And, contemplating that our mouths are usually filled with micro organism, it doesn’t essentially comply with that extra micro organism within the dip means double dipping is harmful.

Nonetheless, this analysis does elevate the likelihood that an individual who’s sick (or about to be) may unfold a illness by re-dipping a chip. Documented examples of this are exhausting to seek out – if of 1, let me know! However even when the danger is difficult to show, the danger could also be actual. We all know of many respiratory illnesses that may be unfold by contact with saliva, comparable to influenza (the flu) or whooping cough. Nonetheless, there are most likely a lot greater dangers at your subsequent workplace occasion than double dipping. You’re extra prone to contract an sickness from a sick individual coughing or sneezing in your face or in the event that they don’t wash their arms whereas sick than you might be from a wholesome double-dipper. So, whereas it’s affordable to discourage double dipping, it’s unlikely to pose a significant danger to your well being.

And if you’re a double dipper…

And, for routine double-dippers, I ponder a few extra accountable possibility: flip the chip round to double dip from the unbitten finish of the chip. Stand by – someplace in America there’s a highschool child establishing that experiment proper now.

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