Dr. Google: The top 10 health searches in 2017


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Ever surprise what different persons are questioning about? I do know I do.

So, listed here are the highest 10 well being searches in Google for 2017. And simply so that you don’t must look every one up, I’ve offered a short reply. You’re welcome.

1.  What causes hiccups?

I used to be stunned this one made it to the highest 10 checklist of well being searches. Perhaps this search is frequent as a result of hiccups are as mysterious as they’re common. I’ve written about hiccups earlier than, however let’s simply say the trigger in any particular person particular person isn’t identified or knowable. Then once more, the explanation hiccups cease can be unknown.

Some triggers embrace a very full abdomen, consuming an excessive amount of alcohol, sudden modifications in temperature, smoking cigarettes, pleasure, stress, or different heightened feelings. Extra not often, they’re brought on by a particular, identifiable illness, reminiscent of thyroid enlargement, a tumor within the neck, or kidney failure.

2.  What can I do to cease loud night breathing?

It’s simple to see why this one is perhaps excessive on the search checklist. And my guess is that the particular person googling this query is extra typically the mattress companion, not the snorer. Widespread suggestions to scale back or remove loud night breathing embrace:

  • Change physique place (by elevating the pinnacle of the mattress or sleeping in your facet).
  • Lose extra weight.
  • Reduce on (or minimize out) alcohol consumption.
  • Scale back or keep away from nasal congestion (by treating allergic reactions, utilizing a humidifier, anticongestion medicines, or sinus rinses).
  • Keep away from medicines (reminiscent of diazepam [Valium]) that calm down muscular tissues across the airway.
  • Use an antisnoring machine (whether or not an over-the-counter resolution or one really helpful by your physician or dentist).

3.  What causes kidney stones?

It has been stated that kidney stones trigger extra ache than nearly every other illness. So anybody affected by kidney stones has a powerful incentive to keep away from the following one. The most typical causes and danger elements embrace

  • kidney illness that alters how the physique processes calcium
  • urinary tract an infection with sure micro organism
  • sure dietary habits, reminiscent of consuming a whole lot of sodium and never consuming sufficient fluid
  • genetic tendency (as kidney stones can run in households)
  • digestive situations that have an effect on nutrient absorption (reminiscent of continual diarrhea or earlier gastric bypass surgical procedure)
  • sure medicines (reminiscent of acyclovir and triamterene)
  • sure illnesses (reminiscent of weight problems, gout, and hypertension).

4.  Why am I so drained?

It is a powerful one as a result of there are such a lot of causes of tiredness and even the time period “drained” can imply many alternative issues together with fatigue, lack of vitality, sleepiness, weak spot, and so forth. Listed below are among the commonest causes of feeling drained

  • an an infection, such because the flu or pneumonia
  • coronary heart failure
  • sleep apnea
  • an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  • liver illness (together with hepatitis or cirrhosis)
  • anemia
  • a rheumatologic situation, reminiscent of rheumatoid arthritis
  • melancholy or anxiousness
  • a facet impact of a medicine or drug
  • continual fatigue syndrome (through which the true trigger is unknown)

Though there are numerous causes for important fatigue, the trigger is steadily unknown (even after intensive analysis).

5.  How lengthy does the flu final?

The common, uncomplicated influenza an infection lasts about 5 days. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for signs to final every week or extra.

6.  What’s regular blood strain?

Till just lately, 120/80 or much less was thought of a traditional blood strain and 140/90 or greater was thought of hypertension (hypertension). Intermediate readings had been thought of “elevated blood strain” however not hypertension.

Nevertheless, in November of 2017, the American Coronary heart Affiliation and the American Faculty of Cardiology revised their pointers to incorporate 130/80 or greater as indicative of hypertension. As with all measures associated to human bodily operate, there’s a vary of regular. A blood strain of 100/60 is perhaps regular for a younger, wholesome grownup but it surely is perhaps too low for an aged grownup who’s dizzy each time she or he stands up.

7.  How you can decrease ldl cholesterol?

Methods to decrease ldl cholesterol embrace:

  • Change your weight loss program by avoiding meals excessive in saturated fats reminiscent of purple meat, cheese, and fried meals.
  • Lose extra weight.
  • Improve bodily exercise.
  • Take prescribed medicines.

8.  What causes hypertension?

Typically, no particular trigger could be discovered. Nevertheless, danger elements and triggers embrace

  • dietary elements (reminiscent of a excessive sodium weight loss program or excessive alcohol consumption)
  • advancing age
  • extra weight
  • genetic elements
  • ethnicity (For instance, hypertension tends to be extra extreme, begin sooner, and happen extra generally amongst blacks.)
  • kidney and vascular illness
  • a sedentary way of life
  • sure medicines (reminiscent of anti-inflammatory and decongestant medication, and illicit medication reminiscent of cocaine)
  • sleep apnea.

9.  What’s ADHD?

ADHD” stands for consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction and refers to a situation through which an individual finds it troublesome to pay attention, focus, or sit nonetheless. This will result in poor determination making, struggles at school or work, and problem sustaining relationships.

10.  What’s lupus?

The time period “lupus” contains plenty of situations, although it normally refers to “systemic lupus erythematosus,” a situation through which the immune system seems to react towards tissues all through the physique. This may increasingly result in irritation within the pores and skin, joints, coronary heart and lungs, kidneys, mind, and different elements of the physique. The trigger is unknown and remedy normally entails suppressing the immune system.


In case your query isn’t on this checklist, the Web might need your reply. However, bear in mind that not all data on the internet is dependable. I typically suggest web sites affiliated with main medical facilities or run by educational establishments (and be cautious of these attempting to advertise a particular product or process). As all the time, when you’ve got a particular query or concern about your well being, it’s normally finest to ask your physician.

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