Is my thyroid making enough hormone?

3D Illustration of Human Body Glands Anatomy (Thyroid Gland) Anterior View

Feeling drained, sluggish and never fairly your self? These signs might point out an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), however they’re simply as prone to be associated to one thing else, corresponding to not getting sufficient sleep, stress or despair.

What’s hypothyroidism?

On the entrance of your neck lies the thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland that makes the hormone T4. When launched into the bloodstream, T4 converts to T3, essentially the most energetic type of thyroid hormone. Having enough ranges of those hormones is vital as a result of the thyroid helps regulate physique temperature, metabolism, blood stress, and coronary heart fee.

Hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid is underactive (not working optimally). It impacts as many as 5 in 100 folks. Signs of hypothyroidism embody fatigue, chilly intolerance, constipation, dry pores and skin, hair loss, muscle weak point, and weight acquire.

How is hypothyroidism identified?

Most main medical associations really helpful diagnosing hypothyroidism via a blood take a look at utilizing a easy two-step strategy.

  • First, docs order a blood take a look at to test the extent of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), which the pituitary gland within the mind releases to stimulate thyroid hormone manufacturing.
  • If TSH is excessive, then the identical blood pattern can be utilized to measure the free T4.

It could assist to consider the pituitary gland as a thermostat and the thyroid gland as a heater. The thermostat senses low temperatures exterior of the physique and activates the interior heater. When the room temperature reaches a set threshold, the thermostat indicators the heater to cease working. Within the physique, it’s the TSH produced by the pituitary gland that indicators the thyroid to make extra T4. When there may be much less free T4 within the blood, the pituitary senses the low ranges and begins making extra TSH.

TSH is commonplace preliminary screening take a look at for hypothyroidism as a result of the TSH stage rises even earlier than the T4 stage falls beneath regular. So, in our analogy, the physique’s thermostat may be very delicate to small variations in temperature.

That’s why a standard TSH nearly all the time means the thyroid gland is wholesome and producing sufficient thyroid hormones. Whereas a easy TSH blood take a look at is a really correct technique to display screen for hypothyroidism, an elevated TSH alone will not be sufficient to substantiate the analysis.

When TSH doesn’t inform the entire story

A standard TSH stage falls between 0.4 and 5.0 milliunits per liter (mU/L). Apart from uncommon circumstances, a TSH of 10 mU/L or greater means the individual is hypothyroid. If the TSH is between 5 and 10 mU/L and the T4 stage is unquestionably low, that can be according to hypothyroidism and ought to be handled with thyroid medicine.

Nonetheless, many individuals (together with these with and with out signs) have TSH values between 5.0 and 10 however regular ranges of T4. It’s known as delicate or subclinical hypothyroidism.

Whereas most research counsel that therapy with thyroid capsules will not be wanted for subclinical hypothyroidism, it’s vital to notice that some folks do really feel higher as soon as therapy begins.

A customized strategy

As you and your physician weigh the professionals and cons of beginning a low dose of levo-thyroxine for subclinical hypothyroidism, take into account the next:

  • In case your T4 is in the course of the conventional vary or greater, you most likely received’t profit from beginning drug remedy.
  • Youthful ladies seeking to turn into pregnant often begin thyroid drug remedy, as it could enhance fertility.
  • In case your T4 is regular, however on the decrease finish of regular, a trial of low dose remedy for six to eight weeks is cheap.
  • Whether or not you decide to attend or begin thyroid medicine, get a recheck of your TSH. Relying in your private scenario, that could be as quickly as 6 weeks or in 6 months.

Tailored from a Harvard Well being Weblog submit by Marcelo Campos, MD

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