Resistance bands: 3 great ways to build upper body strength

Resistance bands are usually not impressive-looking train instruments, however they undoubtedly can pull their weight. Throughout a latest fitness center coaching session, my exercise routine started with a number of units of bicep curls. However earlier than I may attain for the dumbbell rack, my private coach dropped a resistance band at my ft.

Actually? This skinny, light-weight, flimsy-looking factor goes to assist strengthen my arms?

I used to be skeptical, however after a couple of units of velocity curls the place I did 20 reps as quick as doable, my arms burned and twitched like nothing I normally felt with conventional grip-and-curl dumbbells.

Don’t get me mistaken, I really like my dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. However mixing it up with completely different gear and difficult my muscle mass in a brand new method added a jolt to my sometimes-mundane train ritual.

By the session’s finish, I used to be a resistance band groupie.

What kinds of resistance bands can be found?

There are a number of kinds of resistance bands. The most typical kind is a single size of stretchy materials. One other form is a closed loop that resembles an enormous rubber band. A 3rd kind is a skinny rubber tube with handles.

One important benefit of resistance bands in contrast with weights is that they supply variable ranges of resistance. That is significantly useful in situations once you’re caught between weights which are both too mild or too heavy. You enhance resistance in numerous methods, relying on the kind of band you’re utilizing:

  • When utilizing lengths of stretchy materials, you’ll be able to change resistance by adjusting your hand place to shorten or enhance the size. Colours additionally could also be used to point out completely different ranges of resistance from best to hardest.
  • The rubber band varieties are colour coordinated primarily based on the thickness and stage of resistance they provide. Yellow is commonly the lightest and best to make use of, adopted by purple, inexperienced, blue, and black. (This may occasionally range relying on the model.)
  • The tube with handles is commonly used for standing workout routines. You modify the resistance by how shut or far aside you place your ft when standing on the tube. Tubes come in numerous thicknesses to supply much less resistance or extra resistance.

Bands present many advantages

Bands are straightforward to retailer and use if you happen to observe supplied instructions, watch movies of band exercises, or study a band exercise from a category or private coach.

They will put together your muscle mass for the various kinds of actions you make all through the day, reminiscent of once you stretch, bend, raise, or just rise from a chair. As well as, coaching with bands improves muscle energy, which helps you keep away from falls and danger of damage.

Bands are particularly useful in case you have bother gripping or holding dumbbells, or want larger management when doing workout routines, reminiscent of if you happen to’re recovering from an damage or coping with joint ache.

Three nice resistance band strikes for higher physique energy

Prepared to hitch the band? Listed below are three resistance band strikes that may assist construct your chest, again, shoulders, and arms. For these, use the fundamental stretchy materials band, which is instantly discovered on-line.

Chest punches

Beginning place: Place the train band round your again and beneath your armpits. Maintain an finish in every hand by your shoulders.

Motion: With management, punch your proper arm out in entrance of you on a slight diagonal throughout your physique. Repeat with left arm. That’s one rep.

Muscle groups labored: Chest

Reps: 8 to 12

Two-hand pull-down

Beginning place: Maintain a band over your head together with your palms about 12 to 16 inches aside.

Motion: Bend your elbows and pull your palms down, stretching the band, to about chest stage. Slowly elevate your arms again overhead to the beginning place.

Muscle groups labored: Again, shoulders

Reps: 8 to 12

Biceps curl

Beginning place: Place the center of the band beneath one foot with the alternative foot barely behind it that can assist you steadiness. Maintain an finish of the band in every hand together with your arms down at your sides, palms going through ahead.

Motion: Bend your elbows and lift your palms towards your shoulders. Preserve your higher arms stationary and your elbows near your physique. Slowly decrease to the beginning place.

Muscle groups labored: Entrance of higher arms

Reps: 8 to 12

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