U=U: Ending stigma and empowering people living with HIV

Right this moment, about 1.1 million individuals within the US live with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Yearly, virtually 40,000 persons are identified with HIV. A analysis of HIV was as soon as presumed to be deadly, and plenty of lived in worry of transmitting the virus to others. This contributed to a long time of stigma for these residing with HIV.

What’s the U=U marketing campaign?

U=U means “undetectable equals untransmittable.” Extra particularly, it signifies that individuals residing with HIV who’ve an undetectable degree of virus of their blood as a consequence of therapy are unable to transmit the virus to others.

The U=U marketing campaign hopes to unfold consciousness that medicines for HIV are extraordinarily efficient. If you’re an individual residing with HIV and the virus degree in your blood is suppressed by efficient therapy, you can not move on the virus to others.

This marketing campaign was launched after three giant research on sexual transmission of HIV had been carried out in 1000’s of serodiscordant {couples} (that means one companion was residing with HIV and the opposite was not). Not a single case of HIV was transmitted from somebody who was virally suppressed to his or her HIV-negative companion (see right here, right here, and right here for the research).

Remarkably, this held true for all individuals residing with HIV, together with heterosexual girls, heterosexual males, and males who’ve intercourse with males. It represents a dramatic shift from a long time of worry skilled by these residing with HIV. Now, individuals residing with HIV can stay lengthy, wholesome lives with no likelihood of passing on the virus to others if they’re on acceptable therapy.

What does it imply for HIV to be undetectable?

The quantity of the virus discovered within the blood is named the HIV viral load. Analysis exhibits that having excessive ranges of virus within the blood is related to a higher danger that individuals will transmit the virus to others.

If in case you have HIV, taking remedy each day as directed by your healthcare supplier helps to suppress the HIV viral load and maintain it suppressed. Drugs to deal with HIV will be taken day by day for years with few unwanted side effects. You will need to work with a main care supplier or infectious illness specialist to verify the virus is being handled accurately.

If the virus is untransmittable, do I nonetheless have HIV?

Sure. For now, there isn’t a treatment for HIV. It’s a lifelong situation that requires therapy each single day to maintain the virus suppressed. So long as the virus is suppressed, you’re unlikely to have critical problems or infections and may go on to stay a wholesome life.

How are you going to ensure that the virus stays untransmittable?

Crucial approach to forestall virus transmission when residing with HIV is by taking HIV medicines which might be efficient for you each day, and dealing together with your HIV supplier. The chance that you’ll transmit HIV goes up considerably in case you miss doses of HIV medicines or cease taking them.

It’s vital to know that HIV therapy doesn’t maintain individuals from passing on different sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sporting condoms reduces the danger of passing on different STIs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis C.

Moreover, for people who find themselves HIV-negative, there are efficient medicines to assist forestall HIV known as PreP — you possibly can learn extra about it right here.

If you’re residing with HIV, you will need to speak together with your healthcare supplier about what therapy is greatest for you, and get particular recommendation. They will additionally reply questions on your companion or companions, and any questions you might need about residing with HIV.

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